Gear up for the epic tech shopping spree with Black Friday & Cyber Monday Tech Deals

Get ready for a massive wave of tech, web and software deals. We’ll be updating this page with the hottest offers between Black Friday and CyberMonday so you can score awesome discounts on the tech you crave, by the way a good tip is to check the products you like or were thinking of during the year, there is a good chance that they might have a discount for Black Friday, sometimes when i see a great product but i think its too expensive or im unsure if its worth it, i save and then check on Black Friday, you never know! ;D

Also I’m focused more on online tech deals, perfect for the dev community, for online entrepreneurs, for web developers, for designers, for your online business and not so much electronics like laptops and phones, not that there aren’t good deals on those out there, but its just not my focus, and there are plenty to choose from, i’ve made a custom search engine below to help you find all kinds of Black Friday deals!

Bookmark this page and check back often, i’ll post new deals always on top! Also please note that some of these deals might continue beyond Black Friday, might finish before Cyber Monday or the terms of the deal might change during Black Friday.

Black Friday & Cyber Monday Tech Deals

Name Description Deal Link
Proton Private and encrypted email, cloud hosting and VPN A 33% Discount on Selected Plans Get Proton Deal
Sync Secure and private file Hosting and file sync A 100$ Discount on Selected Plans Get Sync Deal
Parallels Top OS virtualisation system Up to 25% Discount Get Parallels Deal
Jotform Reliable and professional form builder Up to 50% Discount Get Jotform Deal
OVH Hosting Professional Hosting Services Up to 50% Discounts on Different Services Get OVH Deal
Udemy Online Courses with Official Certificates Up to 80% Discounts Get Udemy Deal
Windscribe VPN Amazing Quality Secure and Private VPN Big Yearly Discounts Get Windscribe Deal
PlayAsia Anime, Manga and Japanese Merchandise Store Big Discounts and Free Shipping Get PlayAsia Deal
MyW Hosting Professional Litespeed Normal and Reseller Hosting Discounts and Lifetime Accounts Get MyW Deal
Chevereto Image hosting and gallery Software Up to 55% discount Get Chevereto Deal Card payment and crypto exchange Get 25$ by signing up Get Deal
MXroute Professional e-mail and newsletter hosting Discounted plans and lifetime plans Get MXroute Deal
Moey Bank Portuguese fintech mobile bank Get 10€ by signing up Get Moey Deal
Revolut Number 1 European fintech bank Earn up to 60€ and free crypto Get Revolut Deal
AppSumo Software as a service deals for entrepreneurs Everything in store has a 10% discount Get AppSumo Deal
Binance Biggest crypto exchange in the world Free crypto on signup Get Binance Deal
Missinglettr Software to create and promote on social networks Up to 90% discounts Get Missinglettr Deal
Themeforest Purchase software, themes and apps Up to 30% discounts Get Themeforest Deal
Nexo Crypto earn and loans products Up to 30€ in BTC Get Nexo Deal
Pcloud Cloud file hosting and syncing Between 60% to 80% lifetime deals Get Pcloud Deal
N26 Bank Europe’s first fintech mobile bank Get 5€ by signing up Get N26 Deal