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Downtime! Hentaish and Neechan

Txxxa this sucks but seems the filesystem on that server has gone awry, so we are in the process of fsck, this is gonna take some time (its been down for 5 hours already), sorry about that everyone, but shit happens with moving parts, now depending on the outcome, we can be back in a couple of hours (problem resolved, RAID worked), or if we have corruption, ill have to bring from the backups, the hosts or mine whatever are the freshest, from what i checked, my backups are from this Saturday, so not so bad if they come from me ^_^

Ill update with more news in a couple of hours, sorrryyyy ^_^’

Update 1: Yep still going at it, that’s what happens when you put several Tb in one place, still no major issues until now, 8hours of downtime… this sucks… a bit hehehe

Update 2: Final stretch on fsck, its been down for almost half a day 11hours >_<

Update 3 – Final: Yay every site is back online and working fine, still 13hours of downtime… tsss wasn’t pretty…

How to Perform a Server Move Without Downtime

Moving data between two servers without downtime requires some careful planning and execution. I’ve done this a thousand times, its also a good benchmark on the quality of your backups, so lets check my guidelines to a smooth server move!

Backup your old server – First, you need to make a fresh backup of your old server, this will guarantee that if something goes wrong you will still have a way to go back, you will have some downtime but nothing is loss, so start with a new backup.

Set up the new server – You need to prepare the new server to ensure it is fully configured and ready to receive the data. This includes installing the necessary software, configuring the server environment, and optimizing performance. Think of it as setting up a cozy new home for your data, complete with all the essential amenities.

Synchronise the data – To minimize downtime, you’ll want to synchronise the data between the old and new servers. This can be achieved through various methods, such as database replication or file synchronisation. i tend to ssh into the new server and rsync everything. It’s like making sure all your belongings are safely transported from your old house to the new one, ensuring nothing gets left behind.

Important Note Here, normally before starting the sync i put the old site in maintenance so there is no change or updates while the data is syncing, especially if the site is big or popular.

Test the migration – Before fully transitioning to the new server, it’s crucial to thoroughly test the migration process. This involves verifying that all data has been successfully transferred and that the new server functions correctly. Think of it as a dress rehearsal, where you ensure that everything runs smoothly before the big performance. I tend to use ssh with the diff command to achieve this.

Switch the DNS – Once you’re confident that the new server is ready to take over, you can update the DNS settings to point to the new server’s IP address. This step ensures that when users access your website or application, they are directed to the new server seamlessly. It’s like updating the address in your contact information so that people can find your new location without any hiccups.

Monitor and verify – After the DNS switch, closely monitor the traffic and performance on both servers. Keep an eye on any potential issues and ensure that the new server is handling requests correctly. Also make sure that other services dependent on that old server are transferred over like e-mail.

By following these steps, you can migrate data between servers with minimal to no downtime. However, it’s important to note that each migration scenario is unique, and careful planning and testing are crucial to ensure a smooth transition and always ALWAYS ALWAYS!!!!!! Have plenty of backups! is Down

Yep sorry about that, so a couple of our sites are down for the moment >_<, the nee server is doing a FSCK as of now (probably due to a bad shutdown or some other glitch that didn’t come up before), once the FSCK is finished, the server should be back up ^_^’

update: every site is back up ^_^ total downtime 1h15m, yeah FSCK takes loads of time…but better that, than a corrupted hard drive hehehe as always never forget to make your own backups! ;D

Downtime on Server 1

Seems Jaguarpc is having some problems with their network… grrrr this is becoming troublesome, its not the first time in this past few months there have been a couple (comparing with basically years of stability…) and they are always very vague about it, the server is rock solid, but the network performance is not on par, so because of this server 1 is down, so a lot of sites, including are down as well ^_^’ lets see how long does this drag…. and if i have to start moving to one of my other providers….