Why should you use Hostcult Hosting?

Hostcult gives you cheap and reliable hosting, the same we use for S2R websites, we cut on the cost on support and other niceties and pass those savings to you, we make sure the servers run fast and stable, on a standard LAMP package, if the server is down for any reason we will fix it, you can request to be moved to a new server and

1) You Get Cheap Hosting
What? Why is that a feature? we cut on support and some other niceties, but we pass those savings to you, so you get awesome hosting with a low price its win+win if you have some experience with hosting you wont need support anyway.

2) We give you Performance
Be sure that the servers will always run at peak performance, we host our own sites on them, so we make sure to keep them running fast, if for any reason you are not happy, we will move you to another server in another location, no questions asked!

3) Get Rock Solid Hosting
While we know what we are doing, we only use hardware and services from trusted providers, no shady companies and datacenters, so you get a double layer of protection, even for any reason we aren’t available, the datacenter will make sure the servers are running smoothly.

4) No Support Hosting
We wont hold your hand, and 99% of hosting related questions you can get answers with google or our help page, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t anyone on the other side, if you send a proper request we will answer back (like a request to move servers, proper problem on the hosting stack, a request to update something).

Humm i’ll give a quick insight on both Hostcult and S2R

Hostcult History
Hummm Hoscult was basically the placeholder domain for S2R hosting, it still is, using multiple sub-domains to point to servers and DNS nameservers, but besides that it wasn’t used for anything else, we used to sell hosting, but have since move on to only hosting S2R projects, so after a while we created a blog on Hostcult around hosting and S2R news, we have since started again offering hosting with a twist.

S2R or the Send to Receive Organization is dedicated to create awesome sites, that’s pretty much it ^_^