Posts in Update

Site Updates! Buriko & Irred

Yeah did some major changes on irred (the list is long), mostly around the design to make it nicer and cleaner, also on the backend, so the site should run smoother, also a new nice uploader and finally some cleanup of the public folder and new uploads, yay!!! looking good!!!

On buriko, i’ve cleaned up the design, should also run smoother, and started a companion gallery (ill post about that later).

Downtime! Hentaish and Neechan

Txxxa this sucks but seems the filesystem on that server has gone awry, so we are in the process of fsck, this is gonna take some time (its been down for 5 hours already), sorry about that everyone, but shit happens with moving parts, now depending on the outcome, we can be back in a couple of hours (problem resolved, RAID worked), or if we have corruption, ill have to bring from the backups, the hosts or mine whatever are the freshest, from what i checked, my backups are from this Saturday, so not so bad if they come from me ^_^

Ill update with more news in a couple of hours, sorrryyyy ^_^’

Update 1: Yep still going at it, that’s what happens when you put several Tb in one place, still no major issues until now, 8hours of downtime… this sucks… a bit hehehe

Update 2: Final stretch on fsck, its been down for almost half a day 11hours >_<

Update 3 – Final: Yay every site is back online and working fine, still 13hours of downtime… tsss wasn’t pretty…

4Kun! Halloween Competition

Yay we are starting a quick and dirty competition on 4kun imageboard, best picture, best halloween picture and just a random draft, with prizes, yay, so come on over and get your feet wet on the very first 4Kun! Scary Halloween Competition ^_^ and by the way have a Happy Happy Halloween!

Site Update! Smutish

Smutish was always kinda the black cheap of the family, kinda weird design, no real purpose, it was a experiment left abandoned to itself, still people seem to like it and wanted more, so after a bit of tweaking its finally something pretty cool, its still the same posting cute naked people, but now its simple, clear and way faster and with HUGE picture sizes hehehe, enjoy!

Moving to Addthis

Oh this is funny, remember when there were like all this influx of buttons to save/post/share/like and then came the aggregation buttons, like addthis and addtoany or sharethis, all of this was a freaking drag on webpages and i was never a big fan, cause they weren’t really very useful, sure 1 or 2 people might use it, but the vast majority doesn’t, and why make your pages load like shit just to make life better for a couple of visitors?

Most people that use delicious have and use other ways to bookmarks, users of stumbleupon probably have the bar installed, so there wasn’t any point, that is until facebook started with the like buttons, those seemed to be way more practical and a stronger promotional tool, same goes later on to the tweet buttons and now the google plus button, so we are back to the same problem, although the buttons are more useful and practical its still at least 3 or 4 hits to different places dragging your own pages down (ohh and the tweet button is kinda the worst of the bunch).

That is were addthis comes along and just adds these buttons to their standard setup, so now instead of all those hits you are just hitting the addthis site, add to that asynchronous loading and you are pretty much having the best of both worlds, adding to this the fact that i dont need to hardcore parts of the template or some referral on the buttons to make them work properly, makes addthis even more practical, so expect some more buttons popping out of s2r sites hehehe.

Blogger FAIL with 503 Errors

This is getting ridiculous, but Google Blogger is having a fit since Saturday at about 11:30am CST, random actions give you random 503 errors (by the way 503 Service Unavailable: The server is currently unavailable. Generally, this is a temporary state), from settings to posts, practically everything is being affected, comments as well, hell this post gave a couple before being able to post, and worst is that although there is a huge amount of posts on twitter and Google groups and help regarding this in the last 24hours, but there are no updates on this on Blogger Status or Blogger Known Issues, such a dumb fail again from Blogger >_< but well kinda getting used to the Google wall of silence.

Most likely Blogger hosting system is under some form of unscheduled maintenance or just failing all over the place from overload or just plain fail, pretty much after they announced the new interface (that is a mix bag, for one hand is nicer and cleaner on the other hand its difficult to read and slow as hell to use) for anyone using the draft panel.

Several Tweaks and Improvements ^_^

S2R > Humm got a new donations page, better contacts and slightly better txt.

Hostcult > Hey hey its this site heheeh, just added some like facebook, twitter and such buttons, for easier promotion and likability, also cleaned up and added a bit to the contacts / about page.

Fiendish > Cleaned the layout, added random quotes, for moar awesomeness ^^.

Neechan > Merged the requests board into the main board, plus some tweaks with performance, should run super smooth now ^-^.

Pushing S2R Improvements

Ahhh nothing like autumn to get you inspired, well not really, muhahaha, still lots of new shinny things to come from the nice folk at S2R:

Expansion of the S2R Network, yep new sites, a bunch of them are coming, while most are well in Portuguese, and some are revamps (like panchira), there will be some niceties all round, both in new sites and oldies ^^

Much Improved Hosting, performance is always something we aim for, S2R’s hosting is now spread through the world, well mostly around the US of A, in places like Los Angeles, Dallas, Orlando and Kansas City, but in the UK and Netherlands as well, so i hope most, if not all sites will have better performance, we will also be rolling out support for CDN, for extra performance.

On the home-front, some upgrades on some of the computers (so expect faster website building muhahaha), but mostly my custom multiple TB backup system, so all my sites will have 3 layers of backups, from my hosting provider, from an off-site backup and finally to my new backup system, AWESOMEEEE ^_^

Improvements on Kudasai

Yep yep, kudasai had a major improvement, that’s how i like to do it hehehe try stuff out and keep improving, partly because of some complaints, partly cause it had some not so user-friendly “features”, so here are some of the improvements:

  • Stuff like using facebook connect or google’s opensocial social widgets are all removed (and well both suck), i know it seemed like a good idea, but now i see it kinda sucks ^_^
  • Took off a lot of links and or changed to pictures, so its easier to navigate around the site
  • Bigger is better, so now the games take a way larger section of the screen, they are the reason you are in the site in the first place, who the hell wants to play in a tiny little window (my fault and one of the reasons i stopped using kudasai myself to play games), so now its nicer and more kawaii and no more flash distortions and cleaner gameplay, so now even if i put some ads they will be way under the games itself and wont interfere on your fun (yes there will always be a link to full-screen gameplay) heheh
  • Removed the huge amount icons of “click here to bookmark/post” on the header, to just post to twitter and facebook like, simpler and nicer, also in 2 years i had like 3 bookmarks from there, in only a couple of days after the tweaks i already have several twitter posts and facebook likes, so success ^^
  • Added a bunch of links to cool flash games/sites on the main page, with games like Auditorium, Infectonato 60sec, Wagakoto or Desktop TD (since some games shouldn’t be hosted on kudasai, cause they have multiplayer or features connected to the site, or just look way cooler on their own site, but are still cool to play and nice for gamers to visit them too)
  • Improved performance and caching, not that the site will be way more quick, but if there is a surge of visits or lots of visitors coming often, they will see that a lot of the site with cache easier and will perform easier on repeated visits and flash loading ^^

Moving to Asynchronous Tracking

So in this move to… well move faster hehehe, im pushing Google Analytics Asynchronous Tracking on all S2R sites that use Google Analytics (almost all, the ones that don’t, they use Reinvigorate ^_^ ), although I’ve tested through this past week the speed changes between normal code and the asynchronous code, i can say i don’t see much of a speed difference, that could be, because well, my sites already run fast, but anyways when you join all of those little tweaks that speed sites up, it makes a big difference, especially if you get bursts of traffic ^_^

New and Improved S2R

yep i made some improvements on S2R heheh, just making it nicer, still all of this “google now adding speed as another factor in ranking” is making everyone all nervous and getting CDN and doing all this changes, well i’ve always tried to make my sites, quick and easy, both in the webdesign/structure/hosting side of things, because i want my sites to be fast…, so… well im always trying to put one less picture in a site, or offload content or optimize code or have faster better hosting anyways, so i guess no change here ^_^’