This is getting ridiculous, but Google Blogger is having a fit since Saturday at about 11:30am CST, random actions give you random 503 errors (by the way 503 Service Unavailable: The server is currently unavailable. Generally, this is a temporary state), from settings to posts, practically everything is being affected, comments as well, hell this post gave a couple before being able to post, and worst is that although there is a huge amount of posts on twitter and Google groups and help regarding this in the last 24hours, but there are no updates on this on Blogger Status or Blogger Known Issues, such a dumb fail again from Blogger >_< but well kinda getting used to the Google wall of silence.

Most likely Blogger hosting system is under some form of unscheduled maintenance or just failing all over the place from overload or just plain fail, pretty much after they announced the new interface (that is a mix bag, for one hand is nicer and cleaner on the other hand its difficult to read and slow as hell to use) for anyone using the draft panel.


  1. bret May 18, 2023 at 11:00 am

    We’re working through this and hope to have the 503s resolved shortly. Our Status blog has the latest updates on the progress.

    1. hugo - Site Author May 18, 2023 at 11:01 am

      about time! i understand problems arise, but this is even more annoying than plain old downtime, with this we have random breaks all over the place, makes blogger pretty much useless.


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