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Moving to Addthis

Oh this is funny, remember when there were like all this influx of buttons to save/post/share/like and then came the aggregation buttons, like addthis and addtoany or sharethis, all of this was a freaking drag on webpages and i was never a big fan, cause they weren’t really very useful, sure 1 or 2 people might use it, but the vast majority doesn’t, and why make your pages load like shit just to make life better for a couple of visitors?

Most people that use delicious have and use other ways to bookmarks, users of stumbleupon probably have the bar installed, so there wasn’t any point, that is until facebook started with the like buttons, those seemed to be way more practical and a stronger promotional tool, same goes later on to the tweet buttons and now the google plus button, so we are back to the same problem, although the buttons are more useful and practical its still at least 3 or 4 hits to different places dragging your own pages down (ohh and the tweet button is kinda the worst of the bunch).

That is were addthis comes along and just adds these buttons to their standard setup, so now instead of all those hits you are just hitting the addthis site, add to that asynchronous loading and you are pretty much having the best of both worlds, adding to this the fact that i dont need to hardcore parts of the template or some referral on the buttons to make them work properly, makes addthis even more practical, so expect some more buttons popping out of s2r sites hehehe.

Blogger FAIL with 503 Errors

This is getting ridiculous, but Google Blogger is having a fit since Saturday at about 11:30am CST, random actions give you random 503 errors (by the way 503 Service Unavailable: The server is currently unavailable. Generally, this is a temporary state), from settings to posts, practically everything is being affected, comments as well, hell this post gave a couple before being able to post, and worst is that although there is a huge amount of posts on twitter and Google groups and help regarding this in the last 24hours, but there are no updates on this on Blogger Status or Blogger Known Issues, such a dumb fail again from Blogger >_< but well kinda getting used to the Google wall of silence.

Most likely Blogger hosting system is under some form of unscheduled maintenance or just failing all over the place from overload or just plain fail, pretty much after they announced the new interface (that is a mix bag, for one hand is nicer and cleaner on the other hand its difficult to read and slow as hell to use) for anyone using the draft panel.

Moving to Asynchronous Tracking

So in this move to… well move faster hehehe, im pushing Google Analytics Asynchronous Tracking on all S2R sites that use Google Analytics (almost all, the ones that don’t, they use Reinvigorate ^_^ ), although I’ve tested through this past week the speed changes between normal code and the asynchronous code, i can say i don’t see much of a speed difference, that could be, because well, my sites already run fast, but anyways when you join all of those little tweaks that speed sites up, it makes a big difference, especially if you get bursts of traffic ^_^

New and Improved S2R

yep i made some improvements on S2R heheh, just making it nicer, still all of this “google now adding speed as another factor in ranking” is making everyone all nervous and getting CDN and doing all this changes, well i’ve always tried to make my sites, quick and easy, both in the webdesign/structure/hosting side of things, because i want my sites to be fast…, so… well im always trying to put one less picture in a site, or offload content or optimize code or have faster better hosting anyways, so i guess no change here ^_^’

Our Very Awesome Web Directory

Ok, major improvement on or very own Web Directory, aka, and we are actually thinking about making a Portuguese version, ok maybe a bit different, and yes i know there are billions of web directories, but most are not nice at all (you have to pay or give reciprocal links or has misleading links or affiliate links or other nasty stuff), so we will try and make ours nice and helpful and clean and not weird or dodgy ^_^ is Down

Yep sorry about that, so a couple of our sites are down for the moment >_<, the nee server is doing a FSCK as of now (probably due to a bad shutdown or some other glitch that didn’t come up before), once the FSCK is finished, the server should be back up ^_^’

update: every site is back up ^_^ total downtime 1h15m, yeah FSCK takes loads of time…but better that, than a corrupted hard drive hehehe as always never forget to make your own backups! ;D

Brand New Tentakle

Yep new design for, i went with a simple campy look, 50’s horror look hehehe, makes it way nicer to check the awesome imageboard, also added several new boards, lets see how all the uses will like it, so yeah check here for some slimy tentacle hentai pictures ^_^

Timetables and Expectations

Hehehe, yeah i’ve been incredibly busy working on a lot of stuff outside of s2r (personal things, friends sites and was hired to do some other stuff), anyways most of it is done by now, so i’m moving back into s2r mode, still in these last couple of months i’ve merged and moved a lot of my websites around (so i was indeed also busy with s2r), basically i merged some of my shared hosting and one vps into just one “cloud storage” kind of vps, so performance should be way better all through the s2r network of sites (taking some more popular sites out of a vps or shared helps the other sites that remain), sooo what can everyone expect?

 Hummm well first i’m going to cleaned up a lot of code in a lot of sites, then re-start some of my stalled projects, then finish some sites that i’ve been working on… thats pretty much it, so expect,, or to have their makeovers and some new stuff to pop up ^_^’

As a side note i’ve released my personal site Hugo Silva (my name…) hehehe, yeah bland, but its more to join my social profiles in one place and later on my cv, thats the whole point of it.

Micro Update

Humm sorry for the lack of updates, kinda going to change how this work, now all hostcult/s2r updates will come from here, and i’ll push the older s2r blog to here hehehe, keeping it simple and nice to everyone, more updates in a couple of days, trying to improve performance on a couple of sites and opening a couple of new ones before August is gone hehehe ^-^

Updates and Transfers

Hummm, i’ve made serious improvements on Besigh it should work like a charm now ^_^ also a major clean up of Hentaish is on its way, as well as 4 new sites hehehe

Spreadout Updates

Haiii haii been updating loads of sites and i have like… 3 or 4 new ones coming up, but for now… just re-did hostcult (yep our hosting domain), since we moved the hosting business to just hosting S2R projects, i didnt have time to re-do the domain and making something useful, well now i did, just a simple blog about hosting, both S2R and well the industry hehehe ohhh also i did a cool site called Smutish (its kinda an adult aggregator of sorts), so check them out YAYYY ^_^