In my quest for some good secure cloud hosting/sync aka Dropbox clone, ive tested and used a lot of diferent cloud sync providers, might as well start posting my findings, today im starting with TresorIT, coming from Hungary, being their main features their client side encription and any folder can be synced.

So lets start with the install, I installed it on a Windows7 Laptop, that went fine and started fine, standard stuff here, i do note that this soft is installed on a very strange place (it installs on AppData instead of Program Files), also it created a ton of .tresor or .tresorit hidden folders, a bit weird but nothing much.

On running its a bit bare with information, username and password (so i assume the client side encription is done with that password) and off it goes, syncing away, however there is no way of knowing what is it doing, also its not as fast as say Dropbox or Skydrive, but the worst thing is that if you turn it off and delete a file and then turn the program back on… it wont retrieve the file from the server… so whats the point here?

That is pretty much standard syncing operation (if the software is not online at the time of the deletion you bring back the file from the server or if there is a new file update the file on the server, you dont erase the file on the server), so basically if there is corruption or you accidentally delete a file, or if you need to retrieve a file from the server online you are screwed, so what are you syncing for?

Yeah as of now TresorIT is pretty much useless, if you want syncing without protecion of data you might as well choose Bittorent Sync, its way safer (cause you at least know more about the security than blindly trusting TresorIT), its way quicker (on LAN its Blazing!!!!) and well if you delete something you are also screwed anyways!

TresorIT Advantages:

  • Stable enough Software
  • A presumption of security

TresorIT Disadvantages:

  • Basically if it stores files in the cloud, yet there is no clear way to access them if you need them (so what the point?!?!?)
  • Lack of information on syncing
  • Not the fastest of the bunch
  • Weird Instalation on Windows 7
  • Contacted Community and Support about issue, didnt get any reply from support >_< meh cryptic organizations dont give a nice vibe!

If you reeeeaaalllllly need to check them out, its!


  1. Zumbi May 18, 2023 at 4:08 pm

    I was looking for some safe (or at least safer) cloud provider reviews and popped into your post. In the last few days I tried and tested many options on the market and I had quiet contrary opinion about Tresorit. What I really liked that there is no need of admin rights when you install, so my company actually allowed me to use it from my office pc too.
    For me it seems that in the past few days they changed a tons of things (eg. now there is a Android app).
    On the support side: I reported a bug, and they fixed it within 24 hours – just can’t imagine why they would not answer for you.
    Otherwise great blog keep up the good work – your points really helped me to go over all the apps.

    1. hugo - Site Author May 18, 2023 at 4:15 pm

      Good that it worked out good for you! ;D

  2. Kristóf May 18, 2023 at 4:09 pm

    I was also looking for a cloud storage service and I checked a lot of them when I found Tresorit. I think that’s the best and not just because of the security they provide. It is professional, simple, fast, extremely functional, does not have any banner, or ad which drives me crazy, the design is great, etc.
    Oh, I am talking about the new version which you can download from their site and maybe you’ll change your mind.
    It already has a progress bar so you know what is syncing (there is the option to check the recently changed files as well), oh and the most important (you had it in the prior client as well, but anyway:
    So if the synchronization is on – it means that the folder in the cloud will reflect all the changes you make on your PC (if you delete sg it will be deleted from there as well), HOWEVER if you disable the sync (disconnect the tresor) then your “tresor” folder will not be modified, it will store your content as long as you need it.

    one more thing, when I contacted their support they were fast and pro so I don’t know what could happen to your case :S

    Btw your blog is cool, hope to read more from you in the future

    1. hugo - Site Author May 18, 2023 at 4:15 pm

      Im glad its working out for you! This is always my own experience and sometimes things dont work out…


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