[ Rant Warning ^_^’ ] Since i have most of my domains on ResellerClub and from my tests on DNS performance, ResellerClub DNS is like me hosting my own DNS (it will be slow and probably only on one location), its kinda the bare minimum, so I’ve used other DNS services, but ended up going with PointDNS, it had the basic features and pretty good performance, but since they got bought/sold/merged into Copper, they have been changing more and more of their basic features!

I don’t mind adding new features and asking money for them, that’s perfectly reasonable, but going back on previously free features is where i draw the line, i feel cheated, well not in the sense that i have to pay (altought now i do!), but in the “you got me here with these features” cheated (ie i would never have used PointDNS if they didn’t have these features).

Taking back features is like going back on your word and so i have lost confidence, they decided to make their e-mail redirects paid, but since i only need hosted DNS for less important domains or 3rd party hosted domains (like hosted in Blogger, Tumblr…), that feature is pretty helpful for me, so I’m moving away, I still think they have a pretty good, clean and reliable DNS service, but at this point even using ResellerClub or hosting my own is a better alternative, as of now I’m moving to NameCheap DNS!

Positives of PointDNS

  • Clean Layout
  • All the Basic Features
  • Reliable DNS Service

Negatives of PointDNS

  • Inconsistent Layout
  • Inconsistent Pricing
  • Turning Standard Features into Paid
  • Lack of Support/Manual
Update: A Couple of days later they send a e-mail cutting from the 10 free domains i used to have to just 1, gawd, no respect for customers, they give 30 days to decide… extortionist much?


  1. Ed Byrne May 18, 2023 at 4:10 pm

    I’m sorry you feel that we let you down. Since Copper acquired PointDNS a few months ago, we have been consistently investing in support, network and features (that our users requested). The resources the free tier provided are just unsustainable for us in the long term – our vision is to make Point a leader in DNS management.

    If you could give me your username I’ll track down the support tickets we missed – and sincere apologies for that – it’s not our style. You can also get me on ed@copper.io anytime.

    1. hugo - Site Author May 18, 2023 at 4:11 pm

      Well thats just silly we are talking about DNS, i can run a DNS server that can handle 1000 high traffic domains for peanuts, sure you guys have a more geographic dispersed network and a frontend panel, that’s cool, and fine, but after that there is not much of a cost to running DNS, it costs the same to run 1 domain or 1000, so telling me its unsustainable kinda feels like bullshit.

      Well like I said above Ill be moving out, I think you guys gave a good service but going back on your word and screwing your initial users just screams unprofessional and unreliable, so as PointDNS becoming DNS management leaders, well good luck with that, but it will be without me as a user or client.

      1. Ed Byrne May 18, 2023 at 4:11 pm

        Sorry for feel this way. We’re not trying to be unfair to users – we are trying to provide a great services and based on lots of feedback – we’re investing in the product. It really does cost money to provide reliable network services; technical support resources; and development resources to extend the product. Either way – thanks for the feedback!


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