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New Sites and Stuff

Just to say that Panchira is back on and doing pretty well, also i’m working on reworking (funny) a couple of other sites, as well as doing major updates on a couple more… lots of new stuff this week hehehe ^^

Updates on S2R Blog

Ok a bit of a change to s2r blog, from now on, i’ll post a convenient title instead of just the date hehehe, also i’ll start posting about other stuff, besides well s2r stuff, you know tidbits of brilliance and new projects and whatever i feel it fits the mood ^^


These are my old logs (from last to first) ;D keeping these online for the sentimental value!

14.11 > Yay ^^ still working on new sites and improving several of the existing sites, just finished its a adult gif gallery, seems there arent really good ones out there, so there you go muahahah ^-^ it has like almost 1000 adult gifs, about 1.2 GB worth and i’ll post more soon heheh, also i’ve reworked and upgraded , it should look cool and spanky… and it should work like a charm now (cleaner/quicker layout and new spam protections do make a diference) ^~^

Also work is being done on (bug fixes, beta status), (reworking a bit of the layout and link section), on the 2 networks that also went down with the ning fiasco, is still in the works and is on hold for now, and a bunch of other sites are still being worked on as usual hehehehe… thats about it for now

07.11 > Big improvements and news, so after ning shut us down, I’ve reworked panchira and turn it back on, it isn’t perfect but it is getting there, still it is pretty good how i can change stuff and have complete control over the content and functions… unlike with ning where i had no control whatsoever, tentakle has also a new face… since kusaba (the software that used to run tentakle) stopped being developed, i’ve had to change the software, after a bit of searching and testing, it is now working with new software and new visuals, more stuff on that soon and as well with a lot of other sites ^_^

Regarding ning, well i think ning is actually a pretty cool and somewhat stable platform, and i still think that it provides a lot of useful features and function for a lot of types of niche social networks, but despite that, this is what i think… hosting and software as a service is a mistake, it takes all your control… software, content… you are really not creating your own community you are like creating a facebook group and if facebook doesn’t like it for whatever reason, they will shut you down and you will be burned and with no way back from all the posts you made and all the cute nice people you were friends with and all the investment of time you made and in the end that was my problem… my recommendation is, if you are going to make a small niche network about plain ordinary stuff (mons and dads, cooking, traveling) you are probably pretty safe with going with something like ning, even though i would probably recommend something like or or instead of ning, just cause i don’t like how ning operates and how support works and how people are two faced, one day friendly and helpful the other they don’t give you a second glance, that’s is no way of addressing a paying customer or even a normal user… EVER! (gina bianchini you can kiss my cute ass, you were super nice but you are not a very honest person), but if you want to have a thriving social network or forum or wiki that has a good chance of having a long and happy life, then do it yourself and get yourself some hosting and social network software (if you need help on that you can always contact me) and do it yourself, just do it… you will learn more, you will be able to have backups of everything and you, your community and your friends will be happier ^_^

Regarding kusaba, well the developer decided to end it and do something else, that’s cool… no point in dragging around your feet when you dont have the will to carry on, what i don’t understand is the complete cut, dropping down his site, disappearing, not only did he lost a good asset with kusaba, he also dropped the ball on all his users, he could have made this a much nicer and simple transition (to his new software), but no… well now i don’t trust his punk ass and i will probably never use his software ever again, even if its fantastic… cause most likely he will drop the ball again… silly stuff humm ^_^

08.10 > Uhhh just bought a bunch of new domains ^_^ i’ll post them on s2r later on, also doing a lot of promotion and glitter work on sites, probably 2 new sites coming soon enough, a sister site to picult avatar gallery and niche video porn site for support for slooge amateur porn network ^_^ to expand on the adult network before going to work on the cute network muahahaha… WHATTT it all makes sense in my head*

25.07 > Hummm finished work on hehehe its a japanese inspired flash arcade site muhahah, i think its quite awesome with strange games and nintendo games heheh

Worked some kinks on (mostly cosmetic), also some work done on hentaish for the next super especial ^_^’ hummm also we had to kill one of hentaish servers (sorry sorry)

Two new sites coming soon enough and 4 more on the way ^^ … thats it for now

28.05 > Finished all work on picult, starting my work on a couple of new sites ^_^ and well updating and fixing a lot of small bugs all round busy busy BUSY BEEEE hehehe

11.05 > Yayyy, big updates on a bunch of sites like (with a official soundcult myspace page as well) and more coming soon, as well as more sites popping out everywhere muahahah like (anime and hentai avatar gallery to support the likes of panchira and the hentai and anime communities online) (all about japanese idols) and (hentai and anime p2p search engine) hehehe good times indeed, now i’m focusing on cleaning some edges, continuing with the updates and putting more sites online (6 are in the works with 2 almost ready for opening day) HURRAY

13.04 > Yep yep picult (or picture cult) is a days away from being open ^_^ hurray its an avatar gallery site with some twists, powered by zenphoto… its getting just the final touches, besides that i’m focusing on slooge and improving vidcult and panchira hehehe

24.02 > Just gave the final brushes on , still working hard on as well as and also is also online ^_^;

08.02 > Working on the Hentaish Network, launched Movably is a widget launching/review site ^_^ … posting the top widgets online, kinda a cool thing, i think, also a couple of new domains, work in progress: (new theme and improvements), (portuguese cooking site) and (avatar hosting).

30.01 > Just a quick note of refreshing the s2r blog, its now back to being hosted on blogger, because… hummm it just works better like this, than using other schemes, still wondering if its better here or on tumbr hehehe ^_^

29.01 > Final work is being done on yime (hentai/anime p2p search engine) and picult (anime avatar gallery), both are somewhat companions to the hentaish sites ^^

21.01 > Muahahha another launch… the companion music video social network AKA to Soundcult is now online ^_~ one of the first fusions is the embeded music player… you can find it here at mp3 Soundcult well enjoy hehehe

24.01 > Im trying something new… a full social microbloging experiment… its to mix it up with fiendish (both will integrate with time), its called and its online muhahaha… basically micro critics that get plastered around cyberspace ^_^

26.11 > New version of S2R is online hehehe

22.01 > After some work… is now online ^-^ hurray

08.01 > Quite a bit of work done, has a new design, a new site is online … in the form of (former Hentaish image board) yeah yeah but it’s not just a new name its a brand spanking new name, more news soon ^^

05.05 > Whuuu so little news, well anyway, is working really well, working now on improving reliability in the network (some downtime, slow speeds), as well as and ^^

22.11 > Work in progress for as well as ^^

08.10 > Even more domains, this ones are a doozy, work in progress on , and, also a slight redesign of

28.11 > Slight redesign of S2R (removed the “log” and put the.log muhahaha), well also work is underway on ^^

23.12 > Work is underway on , and ^^

26.08 > Just 14h from thinking it, to finished, has been launched today, what is it? Well it’s more or less a Video Site, with a twist, it has a ultra minimalistic style, anyone can send videos in and comment on the videos, ohhh and unlike google and everybody else, we don’t have betas, it’s from idea to fully operational, if something breaks it’s not our fault ohhh and we don’t restrict content heheheh so it can be horror, it can be home made porn, it can be someone doing tricks, if it’s good it will be there …. eventually

30.08 > More domains ^^ hurray

20.07 > New Design ^^ you can see the old one here, also spending some hours restructuring s2r management system (also we have been accepted on google hosted, so fussing that as well)

12.08 > A couple of new domains … funny stuff ^^

25.04 > Massive Update to, 8 new features and 28 “bug fixes”, why so many bugs? Oh well we just like to call it bugs, in reality they are “beta features”, but bugs sound better…

25.08 > Massive Update to, 8 new features and 28 “bug fixes”, why so many bugs? Oh well we just like to call it bugs, in reality they are “beta features”, but bugs sound better…

22.04 > Added 4 new domains ^_^;

25.04 > is launched, Hurray ^_^; work is being re shifted to, and

21.04 > Added a couple of new sections on s2r.

10.03 > Work in progress with, and

00.00 > Major revamp of s2r main site, changed a bit of the text, added a brand new contact page, s2r is now available in 2 languages (english and portuguese), more things to come soon…