This isn’t so much why am i using WordPress, because by now im a power user, about half of my sites use WordPress in one way or another its still a great platform.

No… this is more about Blogger, the Google owned blogging platform was always one of my favourites, its simple and super fast, especially for a plain site/placeholder and or blog it has served me well and its has slowly been updated.

However its getting worst and worst with time, it keeps restricting or worst removing old posts, because a silly image is considered adult, because i link to a site that Google doesn’t approve, because of something i said, why?

And its not on one go, its like every couple of months it scans the site and deems what is approved and what isn’t and for EACH post i have to make a claim that its ok and they are brought back, if Google does this to its own blogging service, what else are they doing to search, but i don’t care, if Google wants to fuck around, go for it, they can even remove my site from their index, i…. don’t…. care.

So moving what little i still had from Blogger to WP, I was considering Tumblr but that also seems like its gone down the drain, so self host is best, at least you don’t have your overlord landlord overbearing and deciding what they deem right or wrong… and that can only make me happy! ;D

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  1. A Commenter May 10, 2023 at 6:35 pm

    Welcome back! Great to see you again!


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