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Downtime! Hentaish and Neechan

Txxxa this sucks but seems the filesystem on that server has gone awry, so we are in the process of fsck, this is gonna take some time (its been down for 5 hours already), sorry about that everyone, but shit happens with moving parts, now depending on the outcome, we can be back in a couple of hours (problem resolved, RAID worked), or if we have corruption, ill have to bring from the backups, the hosts or mine whatever are the freshest, from what i checked, my backups are from this Saturday, so not so bad if they come from me ^_^

Ill update with more news in a couple of hours, sorrryyyy ^_^’

Update 1: Yep still going at it, that’s what happens when you put several Tb in one place, still no major issues until now, 8hours of downtime… this sucks… a bit hehehe

Update 2: Final stretch on fsck, its been down for almost half a day 11hours >_<

Update 3 – Final: Yay every site is back online and working fine, still 13hours of downtime… tsss wasn’t pretty…

Downtime on Server 1

Seems Jaguarpc is having some problems with their network… grrrr this is becoming troublesome, its not the first time in this past few months there have been a couple (comparing with basically years of stability…) and they are always very vague about it, the server is rock solid, but the network performance is not on par, so because of this server 1 is down, so a lot of sites, including are down as well ^_^’ lets see how long does this drag…. and if i have to start moving to one of my other providers….