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New Site! Gomenasai

Well it goes a little like this, i wanted to create a gallery for buriko, cause even though i love updating buriko with cutie japanese girls, it was kinda a drag for user to search on it and find the girls they wanted, so i decided to create a gallery for buriko, however that proved to be a bit tricky and weird, when i wanted something easy and simple ^_^

Sooo like a lot of my sites, this one is a spinoff of a shortlived buriko remake, its a simple and easy to use japanese idol gallery, its called gomenasai (means “im sorry” in japanese), anyone can register and upload their favorite girls and well browse away ^^ its simple, easy and cute, i hope everyone likes it hehehhe.

As a sidenote buriko will focus now on single posts and high quality images (its going to be a mix of automated crawling and random posts) ^_^ enjoy