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Welcome to the New Hostcult

Heheheh,wait? isnt hostcult a hosting company? … humm it was/is ^_^ but since about a year ago, we refocused Send to Receive into a kind of web developing company and decided to just turn Hostcult into S2R solely hosting and services provider, so we pointed our customers to other cool hosting companies and some of them we still host (but this time for free >_< ), but since we have the domain (mostly used for dns and domain aliases), we might as well use it hehehe, so what does this new hostcult bring?

Well mostly talk about hosting, news about the hosting industry, reviews about hosting (that we use), well stuff like that, also with hosting related subjects with s2r (so if any s2r site is down or there is any problem with our servers, we will post here updates, since this blog is hosted on google’s blogger)…

Think thats about it for now (still fixing up the hostcult theme), more stuff soon enough hehehe