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Several Tweaks and Improvements ^_^

S2R > Humm got a new donations page, better contacts and slightly better txt.

Hostcult > Hey hey its this site heheeh, just added some like facebook, twitter and such buttons, for easier promotion and likability, also cleaned up and added a bit to the contacts / about page.

Fiendish > Cleaned the layout, added random quotes, for moar awesomeness ^^.

Neechan > Merged the requests board into the main board, plus some tweaks with performance, should run super smooth now ^-^.

Pushing S2R Improvements

Ahhh nothing like autumn to get you inspired, well not really, muhahaha, still lots of new shinny things to come from the nice folk at S2R:

Expansion of the S2R Network, yep new sites, a bunch of them are coming, while most are well in Portuguese, and some are revamps (like panchira), there will be some niceties all round, both in new sites and oldies ^^

Much Improved Hosting, performance is always something we aim for, S2R’s hosting is now spread through the world, well mostly around the US of A, in places like Los Angeles, Dallas, Orlando and Kansas City, but in the UK and Netherlands as well, so i hope most, if not all sites will have better performance, we will also be rolling out support for CDN, for extra performance.

On the home-front, some upgrades on some of the computers (so expect faster website building muhahaha), but mostly my custom multiple TB backup system, so all my sites will have 3 layers of backups, from my hosting provider, from an off-site backup and finally to my new backup system, AWESOMEEEE ^_^

Quick Improvement and New Site

Hummm i’ve just moved to a new server, in preparation for some changes (social features and video), also i’ve made several improvements in ( mostly around opensearch ) and launched torrent engine ( kinda mostly did this one for me… i’m sick of all other hentai search engines that are always down or searching weird torrents, this way i have full control of content ^_^ ), also changed the look of this browser for a more clean a readable look hehehe

Faster Faster! FASTER!

Yep, been doing a lot of improvements, mostly speed and optimisation, almost every site was improved, stuff like css compression and image optimisation, also i’ve created a cnd/mirror system to help improve speed of mostly used stuff (layouts and stuff), so you will probably see an increased speed on most sites ^-^ <br />
<br />
on other news, been working on a couple of new projects as well as major reconstruction of tentakle and minor improvements on smutish … ahhh think thats all

Updates and Transfers

Hummm, i’ve made serious improvements on Besigh it should work like a charm now ^_^ also a major clean up of Hentaish is on its way, as well as 4 new sites hehehe

Land of Upgrades

Yep, major improvements on hentaish (i went through everything, css, html, code, posts, graphics), preparing for the reboot ^_^ also a lot of tweaking on neechan and tentakle, and last and not least some upgrades on panchira… mostly security and standard upgrades yayyy

Quick and Dirty Upgrades

Yep Yep been busy offline, but also online, doing major improvements on (more sites added, the search is much quicker and nicer), also improving search, should be way better now (it has more than 300 other image boards and such…) heheheh integrated google’s friends connect on and on, especially on kudasai it made a vast improvement in speed compared with using meebo’s rooms ^_^