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Improvements on Kudasai

Yep yep, kudasai had a major improvement, that’s how i like to do it hehehe try stuff out and keep improving, partly because of some complaints, partly cause it had some not so user-friendly “features”, so here are some of the improvements:

  • Stuff like using facebook connect or google’s opensocial social widgets are all removed (and well both suck), i know it seemed like a good idea, but now i see it kinda sucks ^_^
  • Took off a lot of links and or changed to pictures, so its easier to navigate around the site
  • Bigger is better, so now the games take a way larger section of the screen, they are the reason you are in the site in the first place, who the hell wants to play in a tiny little window (my fault and one of the reasons i stopped using kudasai myself to play games), so now its nicer and more kawaii and no more flash distortions and cleaner gameplay, so now even if i put some ads they will be way under the games itself and wont interfere on your fun (yes there will always be a link to full-screen gameplay) heheh
  • Removed the huge amount icons of “click here to bookmark/post” on the header, to just post to twitter and facebook like, simpler and nicer, also in 2 years i had like 3 bookmarks from there, in only a couple of days after the tweaks i already have several twitter posts and facebook likes, so success ^^
  • Added a bunch of links to cool flash games/sites on the main page, with games like Auditorium, Infectonato 60sec, Wagakoto or Desktop TD (since some games shouldn’t be hosted on kudasai, cause they have multiplayer or features connected to the site, or just look way cooler on their own site, but are still cool to play and nice for gamers to visit them too)
  • Improved performance and caching, not that the site will be way more quick, but if there is a surge of visits or lots of visitors coming often, they will see that a lot of the site with cache easier and will perform easier on repeated visits and flash loading ^^