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Quick Improvement and New Site

Hummm i’ve just moved to a new server, in preparation for some changes (social features and video), also i’ve made several improvements in ( mostly around opensearch ) and launched torrent engine ( kinda mostly did this one for me… i’m sick of all other hentai search engines that are always down or searching weird torrents, this way i have full control of content ^_^ ), also changed the look of this browser for a more clean a readable look hehehe

Quick and Dirty Upgrades

Yep Yep been busy offline, but also online, doing major improvements on (more sites added, the search is much quicker and nicer), also improving search, should be way better now (it has more than 300 other image boards and such…) heheheh integrated google’s friends connect on and on, especially on kudasai it made a vast improvement in speed compared with using meebo’s rooms ^_^