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Nulo Simple Weather

A quick 2day hackathon later! and here is Nulo Weather! Its a simple weather site, i know i know its nothing new, but i thought i could make something a bit better, a mix between overly simple (does it rain or not) and the abundance of overly complicated weather sites out there.

Its simple and plain, it shows the weather now, today and tomorrow, it uses geolocation to try and give you your weather right away but you can search any city anywhere to check its weather.

  • The good… humm it runs pretty quickly and looks if i say so myself pretty spanky good!
  • The bad… its unfortunately not perfect, with the lack of a decent weather API’s im using Yahoo Weather API (probably with time ill have to change), although good its still a bit wanky and not 100% responsive, also the geolocation isnt perfect and if no city is presented you are greeted with a random city, but if its a strange city Yahoo Weather API might just fail and you are greeted with a empty page… oh well ^_^’
So yeah go check it out and see if you like it! ^_^

Incult! Search Scientific Books and Documents

New site! Yay! Welcome to Incult yep snazy domain, its a pretty cool and simple science search engine, the cool thing is that it caches copies of the works so you can always find the books and documents you need, for now we are focusing on public domain works, but in the future we will add also free documents and everything in between.

Other cool features is that if it doesn’t find any book on the database it will use google search (focused on the best book and documents sites) to give you some good alternatives, so win+win.

As of now the database is still being worked on, we have just a basic web scraper working, so its still gonna get more improvements, but for now like the death star… it is fully operational! ^_^

New Site! Yokatta

Hey hey new site, i introduce to you , its a plain and cute anime/japanese inspired wallpaper site! Always wanted one muhahahaha ^_^

New Site! Eleito

Eleito is on its second incarnation, the first version was a bit to sparce and boring, and i wanted Eleito to be like a mixture between a political news blog, but also a good source of news and information around politics in Portugal, so now its a popurls like portal with all the news from all the parties in Portugal (if you are on a party that is not there, just contact us), as well as news from the major news sources, joined with our own editorial and in the future we will make more in depth articles.

Ohh and for short news bits we have our own twitter account, you can check it here eleito por todos.

New Site! Luz Portugal

Huhumm, new site, its called Luz Portugal, and of course its about Praia da Luz, Algarve, Portugal, its kinda a portal of sorts, i know there are a couple of sites kinda like this, but i wanted to make one that is nice to look at and nice to use, mixing helpful information and funny and interesting things about Praia da Luz, hehehe cool humm.

New Site! Gomenasai

Well it goes a little like this, i wanted to create a gallery for buriko, cause even though i love updating buriko with cutie japanese girls, it was kinda a drag for user to search on it and find the girls they wanted, so i decided to create a gallery for buriko, however that proved to be a bit tricky and weird, when i wanted something easy and simple ^_^

Sooo like a lot of my sites, this one is a spinoff of a shortlived buriko remake, its a simple and easy to use japanese idol gallery, its called gomenasai (means “im sorry” in japanese), anyone can register and upload their favorite girls and well browse away ^^ its simple, easy and cute, i hope everyone likes it hehehhe.

As a sidenote buriko will focus now on single posts and high quality images (its going to be a mix of automated crawling and random posts) ^_^ enjoy

Spreadout Updates

Haiii haii been updating loads of sites and i have like… 3 or 4 new ones coming up, but for now… just re-did hostcult (yep our hosting domain), since we moved the hosting business to just hosting S2R projects, i didnt have time to re-do the domain and making something useful, well now i did, just a simple blog about hosting, both S2R and well the industry hehehe ohhh also i did a cool site called Smutish (its kinda an adult aggregator of sorts), so check them out YAYYY ^_^