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Site Updates! Buriko & Irred

Yeah did some major changes on irred (the list is long), mostly around the design to make it nicer and cleaner, also on the backend, so the site should run smoother, also a new nice uploader and finally some cleanup of the public folder and new uploads, yay!!! looking good!!!

On buriko, i’ve cleaned up the design, should also run smoother, and started a companion gallery (ill post about that later).

Downtime! Hentaish and Neechan

Txxxa this sucks but seems the filesystem on that server has gone awry, so we are in the process of fsck, this is gonna take some time (its been down for 5 hours already), sorry about that everyone, but shit happens with moving parts, now depending on the outcome, we can be back in a couple of hours (problem resolved, RAID worked), or if we have corruption, ill have to bring from the backups, the hosts or mine whatever are the freshest, from what i checked, my backups are from this Saturday, so not so bad if they come from me ^_^

Ill update with more news in a couple of hours, sorrryyyy ^_^’

Update 1: Yep still going at it, that’s what happens when you put several Tb in one place, still no major issues until now, 8hours of downtime… this sucks… a bit hehehe

Update 2: Final stretch on fsck, its been down for almost half a day 11hours >_<

Update 3 – Final: Yay every site is back online and working fine, still 13hours of downtime… tsss wasn’t pretty…

New Site! Mamilo

Ohhh the re-launch of mamilo (means nipple in portuguese), its a simple but cool public image gallery about… guess… boobs and cute and awesome ones hehehe ^_^ yes it shares the same design as gomenasai and functions (anyone can register and upload), but totally diferent goal and language, since this is also a portuguese only site ^_^ still pretty easy to browse in any language and who doesn’t love boobs hehehe

New Site! 4kun

Does it sound a bit like another site you know? … like 4chan? well its kinda in the same vibe and not, if you don’t know we already run 2 anonymous imageboards, neechan (a cleaner nicer themed imageboard) and tentakle (more gritty traditional ffa imageboard), and although its been a lot of fun running them, its a bit of a pain in the ass, with the continuous spamming, if they look so good today is because of all staffs work with the “daily cleaning”.

So what is 4kun, first i thought the domain was funny ^_^.oO(“chan” being a japanese honorific for cute young female, and “kun” for young boys),  yes the site is still a imageboard, the twist is that its not anonymous, yep you have to make an account to post, OMGWORSTTHINGEVAH!!!

Well not really, i do understand the point and nicety of an anonymous imageboard, but i also understand that non anonymous board can also be fun and cool, first it will not keep the trolls away, but its way more effective at keeping the spammers away, second, because users have to jump a further hoop to registered, i think they also receive a greater appreciation for their sharing, if they are awesome at it, then they get the recognition for it, unlike the anonymous random nature of a traditional imageboard.

So there ya go, yeah its still rough on the edges, but like all s2r sites, its a work in progress and it will only get better with time ^_^

Nulo Simple Weather

A quick 2day hackathon later! and here is Nulo Weather! Its a simple weather site, i know i know its nothing new, but i thought i could make something a bit better, a mix between overly simple (does it rain or not) and the abundance of overly complicated weather sites out there.

Its simple and plain, it shows the weather now, today and tomorrow, it uses geolocation to try and give you your weather right away but you can search any city anywhere to check its weather.

  • The good… humm it runs pretty quickly and looks if i say so myself pretty spanky good!
  • The bad… its unfortunately not perfect, with the lack of a decent weather API’s im using Yahoo Weather API (probably with time ill have to change), although good its still a bit wanky and not 100% responsive, also the geolocation isnt perfect and if no city is presented you are greeted with a random city, but if its a strange city Yahoo Weather API might just fail and you are greeted with a empty page… oh well ^_^’
So yeah go check it out and see if you like it! ^_^

Incult! Search Scientific Books and Documents

New site! Yay! Welcome to Incult yep snazy domain, its a pretty cool and simple science search engine, the cool thing is that it caches copies of the works so you can always find the books and documents you need, for now we are focusing on public domain works, but in the future we will add also free documents and everything in between.

Other cool features is that if it doesn’t find any book on the database it will use google search (focused on the best book and documents sites) to give you some good alternatives, so win+win.

As of now the database is still being worked on, we have just a basic web scraper working, so its still gonna get more improvements, but for now like the death star… it is fully operational! ^_^

Oito Mini Services

Over the years i’ve created some tools to help me out or just for fun, i had them all over on, but i thought with the creation of, it would be nicer to share those tools with everyone, the idea was always for them to be simple and fast, hey you might find them useful like i do!

  • > the most plain find your ip ever!
  • > quick and dirty qr generator, based on google’s qr api
  • > full featured html editor, for those times where you forgot what was that tag
  • > pulls the ip and hostname of a site
  • > the most plain is this site up ever!
  • > fast simple whois
  • > this one is to make quick checks on a site’s headers and stuff

The End of User Generated Content

Expanding on my rant on the changes on Google App Engine and Google’s culture around exploiting developers (and don’t get me wrong, there are a lot of companies that do this, Google isn’t the only one), now i see this Howcast announcement that they decided to focus on their own productions and that the user generated videos were going to be deleted and that reminds me that its not just developers, also users are used and then left out, more and more i think if you want to do something awesome or want to share your pictures or videos or content you have to host it yourself, do it yourself, depending on third parties is a major flaw, one more and more people regret.

I do understand that business change and decisions have to be made, but there is a right way and a wrong way to do it, for users if you are changing or closing down, please provide backups or alternatives to the users owned content, make it as easy as the service was!

If you are making tools for developers, think hard about what are you giving and their expectations, don’t make a product and promote it as something and then change the rules later on, don’t provide API’s and then change your mind when there are thousands of products that depend on those API’s (yes Google but Twitter too).

Nowadays even though i still use a lot of products, i create less and less content for other companies, if i create i own the platform as well..

Google Adsense is Ridiculous!

This shit keeps getting worse, talk about monopoly, i follow google adsense rules to the letter and i still keep getting the “review of your account we found that you are currently displaying Google ads in a manner that is not compliant with our program policies”, the fact is that im always in compliant, but since there is no recourse with Google, there is no one on the other side, i have no choice but to NOT use Google Adsense on that site, its silly, stupid and arrogant.

Why? Cause they give you no choice! and i quote “Your AdSense account remains active. However, if we continue to find problems, we may disable your entire account. Therefore, we suggest that you take the time to review the rest of your network to ensure that all of your other pages are in compliance with our policies.”, the sites in question, are pretty big sites, galleries, blogs and directories, there is no adult content or linking to adult content, but Google decided that it links to Adult sites!

What? what are the urls of these sites that Google considers to be adult sites?

Who? are these sites, it could be any comment on the blogs/galleries or site on the directories, this is the 4th site that was found in “violation”, well last time i checked the internet is all about linking, then all the fucking internet is found in violation of google adsense policy! they dont give a fuck, they change the rules in the middle of the game all the time, im a tiny client on their list, but ill tell you this, I keep finding myself getting more and more stressed with Google’s bullshit and that has consequences, not today, but some day.

New Site! Eleito

Eleito is on its second incarnation, the first version was a bit to sparce and boring, and i wanted Eleito to be like a mixture between a political news blog, but also a good source of news and information around politics in Portugal, so now its a popurls like portal with all the news from all the parties in Portugal (if you are on a party that is not there, just contact us), as well as news from the major news sources, joined with our own editorial and in the future we will make more in depth articles.

Ohh and for short news bits we have our own twitter account, you can check it here eleito por todos.