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New Portuguese Search Engine

Yep, i had some requests and some tweaks to do, so i made a new site, its called PT1 or Portugal 1, its based on google search with a portuguese free directory of the best portuguese sites we like (the search engine and all the added services are done, stuff like quick link search engines for firefox or search toolbar with some cool stuff ), the directory is still not live yet, also ill add more services later on, but for now it looks simple and cool and works like a charm ^_^

Our Very Awesome Web Directory

Ok, major improvement on or very own Web Directory, aka, and we are actually thinking about making a Portuguese version, ok maybe a bit different, and yes i know there are billions of web directories, but most are not nice at all (you have to pay or give reciprocal links or has misleading links or affiliate links or other nasty stuff), so we will try and make ours nice and helpful and clean and not weird or dodgy ^_^

Brand New Tentakle

Yep new design for, i went with a simple campy look, 50’s horror look hehehe, makes it way nicer to check the awesome imageboard, also added several new boards, lets see how all the uses will like it, so yeah check here for some slimy tentacle hentai pictures ^_^

Timetables and Expectations

Hehehe, yeah i’ve been incredibly busy working on a lot of stuff outside of s2r (personal things, friends sites and was hired to do some other stuff), anyways most of it is done by now, so i’m moving back into s2r mode, still in these last couple of months i’ve merged and moved a lot of my websites around (so i was indeed also busy with s2r), basically i merged some of my shared hosting and one vps into just one “cloud storage” kind of vps, so performance should be way better all through the s2r network of sites (taking some more popular sites out of a vps or shared helps the other sites that remain), sooo what can everyone expect?

 Hummm well first i’m going to cleaned up a lot of code in a lot of sites, then re-start some of my stalled projects, then finish some sites that i’ve been working on… thats pretty much it, so expect,, or to have their makeovers and some new stuff to pop up ^_^’

As a side note i’ve released my personal site Hugo Silva (my name…) hehehe, yeah bland, but its more to join my social profiles in one place and later on my cv, thats the whole point of it.

old news

> Working on a lot of different things, also a couple of new domains like, and ^_^

>Just Received a but load of ubuntu linux cd’s i’ll start by putting one to good use for powering another box for pet projects (sr2 labs ^_^), the rest are up for grabs anyone that wants 1, just contact me on the contact section

> Work on and is underway, trying out google adsense ads on and on and feeds (not on the sites themselves) so if you want to support or if you find something interesting your just a click away

> is online (ok it’s still a beta, but everything seems to work great), is optimised to the max, is working great as well, the priority now are , and ( maybe i’ll finish up a couple of others ^_^ like or )

> New Domains and, also is gonna be dropped, also new updates on several sites, including and and, more news soon…

> New Domain and projects are as usual being worked on ^_^

> Same oh same oh, is online and some of the projects domains were put on (just because they aren’t being used yet)

> A Bunch of new projects are in beta, finished or coming together 😛

> The work on new layout and server are finished, and are online or in the final beta stages

> New Domains Added, new layout is almost finished, working on new projects ;D


For now you can contact us by going to our site at, on the contact section ^_^


Humm i’ll give a quick review on both and ^_^

Hummm hoscult was basically the placeholder domain for our hosting, it still is, using multiple subdomains to point to servers and pointing to dns, but besides that it wasnt used for anything else, since we dont sell hosting ourselfs (we host only s2r sites), we decided to use the main domain for the official s2r news and some tidbits and insigh we get on the hosting industry and web software and whatever we feel like, hope you enjoy heheh ^_^

S2R or the Send to Receive Organization is dedicated to create awesome sites, thats pretty much it heheheh