> Working on a lot of different things, also a couple of new domains like yime.org, slooge.com and doninha.com ^_^

>Just Received a but load of ubuntu linux cd’s i’ll start by putting one to good use for powering another box for pet projects (sr2 labs ^_^), the rest are up for grabs anyone that wants 1, just contact me on the contact section

> Work on psicotica.com and andreia.org is underway, trying out google adsense ads on s2r.org and on fiendish.org and hentaish.com feeds (not on the sites themselves) so if you want to support or if you find something interesting your just a click away

> Hentaish.com is online (ok it’s still a beta, but everything seems to work great), fiendish.org is optimised to the max, mamilo.com is working great as well, the priority now are psicotica.com , andreia.org and oxidado.com ( maybe i’ll finish up a couple of others ^_^ like besigh.com or soundcult.com )

> New Domains hentaish.com and psicotica.com, also hentaipt.com is gonna be dropped, also new updates on several sites, including mamilo.com and oxidado.com and fiendish.org, more news soon…

> New Domain hentaipt.com and projects are as usual being worked on ^_^

> Same oh same oh, mamilo.com is online and some of the projects domains were put on sedo.com (just because they aren’t being used yet)

> A Bunch of new projects are in beta, finished or coming together 😛

> The work on Hostcult.com new layout and server are finished, fiendish.org and incult.com are online or in the final beta stages

> New Domains Added, Hostcult.com new layout is almost finished, working on new projects ;D

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